Triathlon and Endurance Sport Coaching

Full Custom – our most popular option.

NDURUS offers complete customization, meaning your training plan is customized to you and you only! We use objective and subjective information from your personal/individual background, your current sports metrics (if you have them – and no worries if not) and your onboarding call. We then integrate all of that information into your training plan, accommodating your lifestyle, your goals, race schedule and specific physical and sports psyche history. We do this to ensure you get the most out of your training time and have a clear game plan to achieve your goals, whether it be to complete your very first triathlon or 5 k run, your first Century bike ride or race at an international level.

Yes – we are for all distances and all levels of endurance athlete. Your training plan is dynamic, taking into consideration all your life happenings and training preferences. Your life is not static – and we believe your training should reflect that.

What you get:
  • Customized On-boarding call
  • Annual Plan (it’s like a road map to your triathlon journey, including micro and macro cycles, adaptations, and race schedule)
  • Custom training plan delivered via a dynamic digital app (phone and desk top)
  • Training zone assessment and prescription (Heart Rate, Power for riding and or running, and threshold pace for all disciplines including swimming)
  • Bi-Weekly personal check in with your coach (Skype, phone, zoom etc.)
Why are athlete check-ins so important?

When you follow the specifics of your training plan – magic things definitely happen. Consistency is key. Your coach can deliver you a plan and (although at times it might be hard) you will be committed to completing the training. There are other aspects to your endurance training that are as, or even, more important though. These are the things that make you Human!  This is where your coach is priceless. Your regular athlete check-in is your opportunity to cover topics such as:

Nutrition, hydration, recovery, sleep, health metrics, stress, scheduling (establishing routine), annual planning, sports metrics, performance metrics, efficiency, interpreting the data, mental health, goal setting, injury and illness recovery/management, race plans, equipment choice, sports psychology, and more. You get the picture – a coach at NDURUS is not just a conduit for a training plan – they are a conduit to making your endurance sports journey an “us” experience – making it an “ndurUS” EXPERIENCE!

Coaching options:

What you get Full Custom Luxury Custom
Rate $60.00/ week $120/ week
Contract 3 months 3 months
Athlete intake Complete Bio, goals and history PLUS on boarding call Complete Bio, goals and history PLUS on boarding call
Testing (power, Threshold pace and HR zones) Yes Yes
Annual Plan Detailed Detailed
Contact with your Coach 1 bi-weekly call plus unlimited text and email 1 call / week plus unlimited text and email
Training with your coach Nil 1 x private training sessions with coach OR 1 fully comprehensive video analysis per month
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Training Club

NDURUS is affiliated with the East Bay Triathlon Club (EBTC) based in the East Bay (east of San Francisco, incorporating the North and South, from Marin to Hayward and beyond..)

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Becoming the best you can be, is driven by consistency, learning to endure as efficiently as possible and recovering deeply. Being your best may start here; however, it doesn’t end here. At times, it can be a lonely journey as an endurance athlete. If you are an NDURUS athlete on a custom training program OR someone who is looking for some extra support in a group setting, EBTC is an absolutely fantastic option for in person training.

Ironman Club

NDURUS is a registered Ironman club. To receive priority registration to races by being an Ironman Club member simply login to your Ironman account  Select Club Membership; Add Club; Search NDURUS; and add NDURUS as your preferred club.

Inquire now about club activities:
Inquire now about club activities:

One-on-One coaching and Clinics

Swim, bike and run appear on the surface to be straight forward, but in reality, are highly technical sports and require a deep understanding of biomechanics and anatomy in order to succeed in bringing them together in the “single” sport of triathlon or duathlon. This also applies for all the aspects of racing a single sport – such as Gravel or Mountain biking or running. You may be new to your chosen sport, or have power or pace gains to be made in racing. One-on-one coaching and small group clinics can make a difference to your performance. Supporting the whole human is NDURUS’s main focus. In doing so, we make sure you are well positioned to take advantage of new insights and efficiencies in your endurance sports performance.

NDURUS offers one-on-one coaching for swimming, biking and running and can customize a clinic for small groups up to 8 people. Swim coaching is also available through our specialist swim coach.

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Video Analysis

Movement analysis exposes in-depth detail to take your efficiency to a new level. The human body is an incredible machine, and can circumnavigate weaknesses and imbalances with great skill, but this is not always sustainable and faster is not always better if anatomical efficiency is compromised. Book your swim, ride or run video analysis now to avoid long-term compromises in efficiency or even worse, injury. To inquire about video analysis email Raeleigh.

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Sweat testing, lactate, heart rate and power testing will define what you do in training, and, eventually racing. We can send you the protocol and teach you how to interpret the results or conduct the test for you.

Annual Plan

An athlete without a focus is like a ship without a rudder. Setting up your year from the get go establishes a clear path forward via the most efficient route. Set up your Annual Plan to plot your races, periodize training blocks and establish your micro and macro cycles. Avoid burn out, ensure you are training with purpose, build your strengths and focus on your opportunities in a targeted way with a well-built Annual Plan. This service includes a one-on-one call or Skype with a coach, customized report and PDF of your Annual Plan and one mid-season check in. If you don’t have a coach – this is the next best investment you can make. For a set one-off fee, you will set up your road map for the entire year!

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