Frequently Asked Questions

NDURUS prioritizes athletes getting the most out of the time they spend training to reach their potential. The only way athletes can do this is to consider all resources available to the athlete including time, background/history, health, psychology, and their available individual support system.

A coach considers all the aspects of your life – see above – and a generic plan does not. A unique support system is provided through a coach. Trust and education in all aspects of your training as well as safety are paramount for a coach athlete partnership to work optimally – you don’t get any of these things from a generic plan.

Ongoing communication with you, the athlete. We are a dedicated triathlon coaching organization – with full support in the areas of training science and education and have links to some of the best practitioners to support your triathlon journey. These include PT’s, nutrition companies, body care, bike fitting, race organizers, NLP specialist, and tri specific equipment companies. NDURUS coaches are all USAT qualified, and hold certifications and university degrees in Sports Science and Human Movement along side being actively involved in racing – something not all Tri coaches do.

When you are opting for success in the sport – when you are struggling with scheduling, fatigue, knowledge, mindset, strategy, science and are looking for a professional to pull it all together on your behalf to help you achieve your goal – you know being coached is right for you.

Many athletes come to us for custom coaching because they believe there is something more they can achieve – often having been involved in the sport (or another sport) for several years but feeling stuck, or unable to “get it together”, we take care of the detail and establish a clear plan to move forward. Many of our athletes are very busy already, so adding an endurance sport to the schedule is challenging – a custom plan helps, to no end, in the area of time management and maximizing the return on the energy you invest in the sport.

Yes, see the above answer. A new triathlete is in an incredibly exciting place when on a custom training plan. You learn the right way from the beginning. We regularly see new triathletes progress VERY rapidly in the first 2 or 3 seasons. This is simply due to the powerful magnifying effect of reinforcing efficient form, effective time management, good physiological and psychological practices and making sound equipment decisions from the get go! Being new to the sport and being on a custom training plan is a no brainer!

YES, absolutely. See the above 2 answers. Coaching is an investment into you, your physiology, your psychology, your time, your equipment and racing. A person without a goal (annual, monthly, weekly, daily) is like a ship without a rudder – you will be ok floating on the sea, but you have no way of guaranteeing where you will end up. Custom training (almost) eliminates the unknown – and sets you on a clear path to achieving your goal – and that is priceless!

NDURUS offers complete customization, meaning we build your training plan completely from scratch. We take information from your personalized athlete intake and onboarding call and then integrate all of that information into your training plan, accommodating your lifestyle, your goals, race schedule and specific history. Why do we do this? To ensure you get the most out of your training time and have a game plan to achieve your goals, whether it be to complete your first triathlon or race on an international level.

We are for all distances and all levels of triathlete. We coach sprint, OD / Olympic, Long Course / 70.3, IM / Ironman distance, Xterra off road triathlon as well as pure running from Half Marathon to Ultra and pure cyclists.

With over 100 years of collective coaching experience within the network, we have the coach for you.  Plans are delivered via an interactive web-based platform so you can live and work anywhere and have an NDURUS coach – geography is no limiter.

What you get:

  • Customized intake and On-boarding call (sprint, OD/ Olympic, Long Course / 70.3, IM / Ironman distance and Xterra as well as pure running from Half Marathon to Ultra)
  • Annual Plan (a road map to your triathlon journey, including micro and macro cycles and race schedule)
  • Custom training plan delivered via an interactive platform in 4 weekly perodized training blocks
  • Training zone assessment and prescription (Heart Rate, Power for riding and or running, and/or time cycles for the pool)
  • Weekly personal check in with your coach (Skype, phone, interactive diary or similar)

Plans are delivered via an interactive web-based platform so you can be anywhere and have an NDURUS coach – so geography is no limiter. So, whether you travel a lot for work or live in another country – you can be on a custom training plan with NDURUS. Coaches are located in the San Francisco, East Bay, Truckee / Tahoe regions and Australia but that is simply because that is where they live. NDURUS coach athletes all over the world – thanks to the many amazing technological tools we all have access to.

Yes, from first timers to experienced triathletes – we adapt distances and intensities to cater for most. If you need to bring skills or knowledge up to speed a one on one session is a great option. At some point in your triathlon training and racing journey, one on one coaching can help you get to the next step, while group training is designed to provide a fun and supportive environment for training in all 3 disciplines (swim, ride, run) while touching on nutrition, equipment, mental strategies and race day prep.

The NDURUS triathlon club provides group training for all 3 disciplines throughout the year (including winter) and offers a private Facebook page to find like minded training buddies. Custom coaching is a complete training plan that is built from the ground up addressing all your training needs from Annual Planning to race prep, time management and offers precise detail for every minute of your training schedule so as it fits into your personal schedule.

When on a custom training plan with NDURUS you have unlimited email, text and phone contact with your coach. In addition, most weeks a designated time is made to catch up with your coach to review the previous week and plan the following weeks ahead. This can be done via phone, Zoom or similar app.

It is expected you communicate your goals and progress with your coach. This ensures your training needs are adjusted in response it is happening in your life in a timely manner.

Continual communication, feedback, and responsive adaption to your training plan.